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In this year of pandemic and restrictions how are you challenging yourself and how you define with a keyword your 2020? Let’s imagine a new workshop where all 5 senses are connected to nature and where just with a touch you can be everywhere. More technology and more ethical approach in our daily life, buy less and recycle more. Celebrating Life from our Home, from our walk in closet, where we keep all our clothes, we use some of them but more often we trash them since we don't like the style anymore or they don't fit us as before. Imagine a new world where all clothes have a second life, where the old things become new, fresh and innovative. Now we can explore the new senses of making by hand, playing with wind, light and colours, feeling the vibrations from nature and immerse our body into a new clothing entirely made by hand and with recycled fabric. Small steps move the world and the workshop aim is to create a community of sustainable thinkers located in Hong Kong and some of them in different parts of the world who are open to share a message of recycling and upcycling, of creativity without boundaries and of innovation in terms of design. Making by hand will create a sensorial journey with ourselves, exploring emotions and creating new stories, new designs.

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