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JULIA LEE  / Taiwan

Hello! I’m Julia Lee, year one student from HKUST Business School. I enjoy fashion a lot and is glad to join the sustainable fashion workshop. Reading and dancing are also may hobbies, it is so healing to engage in artistic stuff and get inspired by them. Creating fashion pieces with the aim to bring upon a more sustainable lifestyle is really interesting and worth to explore more in-depth. Anyways, art will always be an important part of my life!!!



Hi! I am Ching Nam from Hong Kong. I am a year one student studying Science(Group B)in HKUST. I like playing the piano and making crafts. Dumplings, hotpot and siu mai are my favorite food. I can eat them every day!


TAN FAUSTINE / Indonesia

Hi guys, my name is Faustine, and I’m a year one student in HKUST. Designing has always been a big part of my life. I love to explore and see any kind of design, whether fashion, product, or even architecture design. I knew that I always want designing to be a part of my life because I love creating something and discovering something new, which is why I joined the sustainable fashion design course. This course allows me to explore new ways to include materials that weren't even thought of to be put into clothing, and it helped me put my imagination into a design and explain it through words.



Hello everyone! I am Shriya, a second-year Engineering student from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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